Sunday, October 5, 2008


K-2nd grade students are participating in either manipulation of yarn balls, fitness puzzles, monster tag, a dance song called "Singing in the Rain", and Jailbird, a throwing , catching, and rolling activity. We had a blast this week. KEEP MOVING!!!!!

3rd-5th grade students participated in throwing and catching activities such as modified flag football, Freeze Mania, Sharks and Minnows, and Pass and Run.

6th -8th grade students continued to practice and develop their personal fitness with Cardiovascular and Muscular Strength and Endurance activities. Student also kept practicing their throwing, catching, offensive, and defensive strategies by playing in a modified flag football activity.


MrGym said...

Mr. Beringer,
I just wanted to drop you a note about what a great job you are doing. Your site is very nice and keeps everyone updated and informed. You are obviously are very excited about physical education and project that to your students and parents. Keep up the great job.
Doug -

Ms George said...

Hello Mr B!
I know our students LOVE your classes. I heard all about the monster mash today! I'm so glad to see that the old ropes and bygone ways of miserable PE I had as a child are never seen in the Fairview gymnasium. Keep up the great work on your blog too...mine is very!

Mr. Brusky said...

Mr. B,

The site looks great! I need to get one started myself. I will show my students how to navigate to it. Thanks!


Emily said...

i LOVED the flag football unit it was 1 of my favorites I <3 flag football!!!! : )
Emily : )