Friday, October 17, 2008


K -2nd grade students had the opportunity to do more foot skill practice because of some lucky sunny weather. We practiced dribbling, trapping, and kicking soccer balls. The activities we played were Bombs Away and Soccer Tag.

3rd - 5th grade students practiced their rolling skills in a game called Pin Guard and also developed their five levels of fitness with an activity called Knights. It is a game that really develops the cardiovascular system.

6th- 8th grade is continuing to learn and develop pickleball skills. The skills they are developing are the forehand, backhand, and one bounce serving techniques. These students are also continuing to improve their five levels of fitness. The activities we used to develop our fitness were Tag Team and Musical Fitness.


Mary said...

As your student teacher, I learned a lot of creative ways to get students excited about physical education. I love how you incorporate all aspects of wellness into your class. I truly believe the students at Fairview benefit greatly from your positive energy, creative lessons and passion for physical education. Fairview is lucky to have you.

Anonymous said...

Thats My sister!!
i really enjoy having gym with you
my old gym teacher mr.marx made us run laps every gym class for a warm up.
your warm ups are much more fun.
- Kayla Jurkiewicz

Samantha Brown said...

It's great to see soccer being integrated into your physical education program. Thank you for updating your blog so that I can follow along. The pictures are great!!