Friday, October 24, 2008

WEEK #8 - #9


K4 - 5th grade this week participated in the annual Halloween obstacle course!!! Students were reminded that during an obstacle course the whole body is needed to finish the course. Students were also reminded of the the five levels of fitness and were questioned frequently on which stations had certain levels of fitness. Because of the short week for teacher conventions, I start the course a week early so that all students can enjoy the course!!!

6th grade this week began learning the basic racket skills for badminton. We focused on racket and birdie fundamentals and ended class with a quick game of two-on-two knockout. Next week, we will continue practicing racket and birdie fundamentals while allowing more time to play two-on-two knockout.

7/8 grade is ending their unit on Pickleball. Pickelball is basically indoor tennis! Safety is strictly enforced and reminded daily!!! We will end with a final unit assessment.


cathy Lewandowski said...

Hi Mike! The kids loved your "scary" course once again! What an excellent activity to get the kids motivated to move! Thanks!

Wm Chamberlain said...

Great Idea! I want to congratulate you on your blog. I don't see many PE teachers that keep blogs, but I see you really have the hang of it.
Mr. C