Friday, May 1, 2009

WEEK #32

K4 this week exercised with plastic bags. We started class playing a warm-up game called Body Parts (moving in general space). We then made the plastic bags into balls, parachutes, rockets, and ended class with an activity called Bag Tag! At the end of the lesson, we discussed as a class about safety and how you should not play with plastic bags without an adult watching!!

K5 this week got their exercise by playing with plastic eggs. We started class with a song called Bean Bag Boogies. We then manipulated the plastic eggs many different ways. We balanced them, spun them, and also did spin pick-up. We ended class playing an activity called Empty My Basket!!

1st grade this week got their five levels of fitness in by playing Wipeout Tag. We played this to the song Wipeout by the Safari. We then went over the skill of catching. We practiced catching many different objects of many different sizes and shapes. We finished class with the activity called It's Raining Cats and Dogs.

2nd grade this week got their five levels of fitness in by playing the Fitness Wheel. The next activity we participated in was the game called Star Wars. I played the Star Wars theme song while we used foam noodles and had a star wars battle. We finished class with an activity called Memory Match. Here we had to use our math skills.
3rd grade this week continued their cooperative unit. We started class with a group activity called Bumper Cars. We discussed the word of the day, which was Team Work (A group of people working together to accomplish a goal). The activities we used to practice this concept were Musical Hoop and Loop the Hoop.

4th grade this week also continued with their cooperative unit. At the beginning of class, we played a noodle game called Poppers. We then talked about the word of the day, Trust. We practiced this concept with activities called People-to-People and Partner Pick-up.
6th grade this week finished up their volleyball unit. Our warm-up this week was a skill review warm-up. We had four stations set up where the students reviewed bumping, setting, and the underhand & overhand serves. We ended class playing volleyball and discussing scoring and rotating.

7th/8th grade this week continued learning and developing their hand-eye coordination & long handle implement skills. This week we got our five levels of fitness in by playing the noodle game Poppers. We then practiced some basic striking skills. We finished class playing Hit & Go and Small Sided Badminton.


Mr Webb and Room 8, New Zealand said...

I think that its fantastic that your putting details on this site of equipment used, the lesson sequence and then illustrating it, it's thus giving a fantastic explanation of exactly what goes on and you get a great understanding of each activity. It would be interesting for students here in New Zealand to compare to what others are doing in the USA (and teachers as well!)
Mr Webb and Room 8, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, New Zealand

Nicki said...

Superb blog! Your classes seem so well rounded. I enjoyed reading how you intertwine all of the physical education objectives in with other areas and concepts the children are learning in core classes. Kudos to you and your classes!

Wm Chamberlain said...

My class has left you comments today. If you would like to comment back here is the link: C

If you would like to pay it forward, here is a link to the Comments4Kids wiki that has other student created content to comment on.

Parker and Kayla said...

We think the Star wars game would be a fun and exciting activity.

Michael & Sergio said...

We think the Star Wars Game might be fun because we like Star Wars!!!!;)

Anonymous said...


Slendy & Natalia said...

Cool exercises I wish our PE teacher did those exercises with us.

Seth and Saul said...

That is nice how you explained to K4 that you would need and adult supervising your actions with the plastic bags.

amy a. said...

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