Friday, May 15, 2009

WEEK# 34

K4 this week warmed up with an activity called Same & Different. We then participated in a game called Dead Bug. Here the students developed their chasing and fleeing skills. We also practiced using our manners when someone helped us. We finished class manipulating different pieces of equipment in relay races. At the end of class, we discussed how we just don't exercise our hearts but we also exercise our body's muscle system.

1st grade this week got their five levels of fitness in with an activity called Transforming. Here we played rock, paper, scissor and the winner got to transform from egg, to chicken, to dinosaur, and last to super hero. We finished class discussing the concept of teamwork. We talked about what it looks like, sounds like, and feels like. We practiced this important lifelong skill with an activity called Partner Pick-up!

3rd grade this week got their five levels of fitness in with an activity called Poppers. We then discussed why we have Physical Education class (to learn how to use our bodies). The skill we discussed and practiced this week was striking with implements. We practiced hitting with baseball tees. We discussed other activities striking activities and how these activities develop hand-eye coordination.
4th & 5th grade this week needed the whole class to participate in the activity called Finding the Solution to Heart Disease! I had it published in the Great Activities Newspaper in Volume 27, number 1, Issue #131, in September/October, 2008! Here the students are given a Google map of the Fairview Property. They must use the map, a pedometer, and their partner to run around outside the school looking for the clues to find the answer.

6th grade this week took a little break from units to have a Fun Fitness and Exercise Day. Here I had the students participate in cooperative activities to get in their exercise this week. We played a warm-up called The Turkey Dance (Not really a dance). We then played a whole group activity called People-To-People and a small group activity called Partner Pick-up.
7th & 8th grade this started their final unit of the year softball. We used the resistance bands this week for our warm-up and took our softball pre-test. We discussed the ways to field a ball and finished class developing our fielding skills. We practiced taking grounders and fly balls in various ways.

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I liked this because it was a good way to communicate with other students.