Friday, May 8, 2009

WEEK #33

1st grade this week practiced the skill of catching. We discussed why, where, and when we would use the skill of catching. Our five levels of fitness warm-up was a tag game called Wipeout. We used the song from the group The Safari's and practiced our listening skills during the activity. After Wipeout, we practiced catching a variety of objects. I placed beach balls, footballs, a foam die, a noodle, etc. into hula hoops on the ground. The students paired up and practiced catching the various objects. Then they would switch on command. We finished class playing a catching activity called It's Raining Cats and Dogs!!!!

3rd grade this week continued with their team building unit. For our five levels of fitness warm-up we played an activity named Bumper Cars!! After that, we discussed the word of the day. This weeks word was Teamwork! We spent time discussing the meaning. The rest of the class time was devoted to challenging the students in Teamwork activities. These activities were Musical Hoops & Loop the Hoop.
4th & 5th grade this week also continued with their team building unit. Their five levels of fitness activity was called the Turkey Dance. It's not really a dance!! We discussed the word of the day which was Problem Solving!! We then spent time discussing the meaning and what it looks like, sounds like, and feels like. The activity we used to practice this word was an activity called Maze. They needed to help their group members out of a pretend building.

7th & 8th grade this week finished up their Badminton unit. This week we practiced and developed our serving and smashing skills. We used skill stations to get in our five levels of fitness warm-ups. The rest of the class was used to start game play. The students really had a blast during this unit.

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Kim Martinez said...

I saw the information about your site from a WAHPERD email. It's a great site - and it looks like a lot of work! I would love to see how some of the games are played - the names of the games sound like fun.