Friday, October 2, 2009


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1st grade this week had the opportunity to exercise with Fun Noodles!! We started class with a cardiovascular activity called Skip to My Noodle. We then had the opportunity to manipulate the Fun Noodles. We balanced, jumped, did partner activities, and made rockets with the noodles. We ended class doing an activity called Muncher. It was a fun class!

4th grade this week learned about the skeletal system and what they can do to keep their bones healthy. We started class doing an activity called Silly Exercises. We then played an activity called Emergency Room. Halfway through the activity we stopped and discussed the many ways of keeping our bones healthy. The kids seemed to really enjoy this activity.

5th grade this week went outside for class. We started with a cardiovascular activity called Sharks and Minnows. We then reviewed the skills of catching and throwing that we discussed last week and played another variation of the game called Pass and Go!

7th/8th grade this week continued their throwing and catching unit. There was rain one day so we had to stay in the gymnasium. We started class playing a cardiovascular activity called Odd and Even Tag. We also discussed why Cardiovascular endurance is important in our everyday lives. We then reviewed the cues of throwing and catching and played an activity called Pin Guard!! We really need a bigger gym for the 7th and 8th grade.

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