Friday, October 16, 2009


K4 exercised this week with yarn balls. We started class with a movement song called Singing In the Rain. We then manipulated the yarn balls by ctaching them, tossing clapping and catching them, etc. We finished class playing the activity called Monster. Here we pretended the yarnballs were candy and the monster wanted to catch them and eat the candy.

K5 this week participated in Monster Tag again. Here I picked several students to hide in my office. This is the Monster Cage. I then played some spooky music and had the Monters come out and crawl after their classmates. We celebrated fire safety week with an activity called Stop, Drop, and Roll. Here we reviewed what to do if we are on fire or if our house is on fire. The students who were fire fighters got to wear fire fighter hats. I used red foam balls for fire and black foam balls for smoke. This is a game the student really enjoyed.

1st grade this week reviewed the classroom responsibility "stop, look, and listen" with a song called The Freeze. We then learned and practiced the concept of self space and general space. We practiced moving in our self space to a song and then practiced moving in general space with deck rings. We then finished class with an activity called Soccer.

2nd grade this week got their personal fitness in with an activity called Step Right Up. Here each student got  a chance to be a Physical Educaion Teacher. We then discussed the skill of over hand throwing and played an activity to practice this skill called Jail Bird.

3rd grade this week played an activity where we learned about out skeletal system. The activity was called Emergency Room. Here we had to put together a skeleton puzzle. Before, during , and after we dicussed the job of our skeletal system, as well as, how we can take care of our skeletal system.

4th grade this week began learning about the five levels of fitness. This week we learned about Cardiovascular Endurance (CV). We then participated in a CV activity called Odd and Even Tag ( A big dice game). We finished class playing another CV activity called Sharks and Minnows.

5th grade this week continued to learn about the five levels of fitness. This week we discussed Muscular Endurance. We then participated in some medicine ball exercises. We finished class playing a game called Titanic where we learned about and practiced the skill of throwing.

6th grade this week continued to get ready for the Ropes Course field trip. For rhe past several weeks, we have been concentrating on cooperative learning activities. This week we played an activity called Crossing the Great River. Here students had to work together to get everyone across the gym with just a scooter and a double dutch jump rope. Fun was had by everyone!

7th & 8th grade this week finished up their throwing and catching unit. This week we continued to learn about the five levels of fitness. We also played the activities called Titanic, Pass & Go #1, Pass & Go #2, and Flag Pass & Go.

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