Friday, October 16, 2009


1st & 2nd grade this week played an activity called Step Right Up for their personal fitness time. Here all the students had an opportunity to be the Physical Education Teacher. We then practiced the foot skills of dribbling and kicking. We played London Bridges and Guard your Ghost. With these games students had the opportunity to practice these gross motor skills.

4th grade this week continued to learn and participate in the 1st level of fitness called Cardiovascular Endurance. To reinforce this level of fitness, we played an activity called Clothes Pin Tag. We then finished class playing an activity, called Titanic, where we practiced the gross motor skill of throwing overhand.

5th grade this week reviewed two of the five levels of fitness. They played an activity called Odd & Even Tag where I incorporated both levels of fitness. To finish class we continued to practice the skill of throwing overhand with an activity called Ghostbusters.

6th grade this week started to learn about the five levels of fitness. We started to learn about Cardiovascular Endurance and played the activity called Odd and Even Tag to reinforce this level of fitness. We then went over the skill of throwing overhand and played a game called Ghostbusters to practice.

7th & 8th grade this week took their first quiz. The quiz was used to assess the students on the first two levels of fitness (Cardiovascular Endurance & Muscular Endurance) and the skills of throwing and catching. We then continued to play The activity called Flag Pass & Go.

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