Monday, November 2, 2009

WEEK #10

Our Annual Halloween Obstacle Course

K4 - 5th grade all had the opprtunity to participate in Fairview's Annual Halloween Obstacle Course. Before participating, the students were reminded that the obstacle course would have us exercising the Five Levels of Fitness. Throughout class, students were frequently questioned on what stations had certian levels of fitness.  Because of teachers convention this week, we will have to continue the course next week Thursday & Friday so that all the students may participate.

7th & 8th grade this week learned about the level of fitness called body composition. We started each class with activities that reinforced this fitness level. We played Energy In & Energy Out, as well as, Body Compostion Tag. We then conitnued to learn and practice hand-eye coordination gross motor skills for Pickle Ball. Game play will start next week!!

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Anonymous said...

The kids really enjoy the Halloween obstacle course! I would have loved it when I was a kid! You do so many wonderful things with our students. Thanks, Mr. B!!! :) Heathe Osbrone Room144