Monday, November 2, 2009


K4 this week started class with the activity called Monster and then finished class celebrating fire safety month with an exercise activity called Stop, Drop, & Roll Tag. In this activity, we practiced what to do when there is a fire.

K5 this week started class with a muscular strength and endurance movement song called Give Me Ten. We learned and practiced the gross movement skill of overhand throwing and finished class playing the game Clean UpYour Backyard!!

1st grade this week started class with an activity called Step Right Up. Here all the students had a chance to be a Physical Education teacher and lead their group in a warm-up. We learned the difference between an exercise and a stretch. We then practiced and learned the foot skills of dribbling and kicking. We finished class playing The Fox & The Hound.

3rd grade this week played Odd & Even Tag and learned about muscular strength & endurance at the same time.  We then learned and practiced the skill of overhand throwing and played Ghostbusters to reinforce this skill.

4th grade this week used medicine balls to review the concept of muscular strength & endurance. We then learned and practiced the skill of overhand throwing and played the acitivity called Ghostbusters to reinfocre this skill.

7th & 8th grade this week learned about muscular strength & endurance and started their striking with implements unit called Pickle Ball. We practiced our hand-eye coordination with some movement drills to help lead us to the actual game of Pickle Ball.

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