Sunday, November 29, 2009

WEEK #12

K4 this week learned and talked about the functions of our muscles, as well as, the physical skill of overhand throwing. We exercised to the song Give Me Ten, practiced throwing overhand, and played the classic game called Clean Up Your Backyard.

1st grade this week participated in and exercised to activities that required no equipment. We played I see...You see..., Go Touch, Beep Beep Times Up, and Turkey Catcher.

2nd grade this week learned and practiced the physical skill of catching. We warmed-up with the song Give Me Ten, practiced catching, and played Bombs Away.

3rd grade this week continued learning about the five levels of fitness. We reviewed cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance & strength with the activity called Fit Tic-Tac-Toe. We then learned and practiced the foot skills of dribbling, trapping, kicking, and passing. We finished class playing The Fox & Hound.

4th grade this week learned about body composition which is one of the five levels of fitness. We reinforced this level of fitness with activities called Energy In & Energy Out and Body Fat Tag.

6th grade this week reviewed the level of fitness called body composition and started our new unit which is  Badminton. We started badminton with basic birdie and racket orientation skills. We finished class playing 2-on-2 Knockout.

7th/8th grade this week finished their community building unit and started our new unit which is Hockey. We participated in activities called Good Morning Nice To Meet You, Comfort Zone, Mine Field, and Hockey Tag.

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