Sunday, February 21, 2010

WEEK #24

K4 & K5 started class playing an activity called Number Scrabble. We then continued class manipulating hula hoops. We then finished class playing an activity called Bumper Cars!!
2nd grade participated in a 5 levels of fitness activity called Going for the Gold (with hula hoops). We then manipulated the hula hoops and finished class playing Bug Off.

3rd grade did basketball twists and sit-ups for their 5 levels of fitness warm-up. We then went over basketball passing. We ended class playing a dribbling, passing, and shooting activity called Time Bomb.
6th grade finally got to learn about flexibility. This is the last level of fitness before their fitness test. We discussed what it means to be flexible and what the difference is between stretching to prevent injury and stretching to become more flexible!! We then continued class playing Scooter Basketball.

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