Sunday, February 21, 2010

WEEK #22

K4 & K5 this week continued to get ready for Jump Rope for Heart. We started class doing a warm-up called Ten 4 Ten (100 exercises!!!). We then practiced our jump roping skills. We finished class playing a long jump rope activity called Leap the River.

1st grade this week warmed up with an activity called Number Scrabble. We then played an activity called Attack of the Risk Factors!! Here we discussed the five things that make our hearts sick!! We then played agame to reinforce this concept.

2nd grade this week started class with an activity called Fitnolopy. We then finished class participating in an activity called Pin Guard. Here we learned and praticed the skills of throwing and rolling.
3rd grade this week warmed up doing partner jump rope tricks. We then learned and practiced the skill of dribbling and reinforced it with an activity called knockout.

4th grade this week continued practicing jump roping for Jump Rope for Heart. This week we started our basketball unit. We learned and practiced the skill of shooting and finished the class playing Shootout!!

5th grade did some partner jump rope tricks for their warm-up. We then continued our basketball unit. We learned and developed our passing skills and ended class playing Zig Zag & Go!!

6th grade learned the fourth level of fitness called body composition and played movement games where we reinforced this concept. We played Body Fat Catcher and Build a Healthy Body!!!
7th/8th grade is getting ready for Hoops for Heart. This week we went over shooting and dribbling. We finished both classes playing Knockout and Hot Shot!!

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