Sunday, February 21, 2010

Need Your Help!!!!!

My name is Michael Beringer and I’m a Physical Education teacher at Fairview School in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. My current P.E. program is being cut to a .8 position. The students I serve will only have gym four days a week instead of five. Right now, I only see my 640 full inclusion students once a week for 45 minutes. With my position being cut, my students will receive even less physical education time than they are already receiving. I have taught at my school for almost 12 years now and I am saddened by the decision that has been made regarding the physical education program!!! Because of the budget shortfalls in my district, Physical Education is one of the areas being reduced. The current curriculum, facilities, and equipment are sufficient except for the fact that our current gymnasium was build for elementary age students. We’re a K-8th grade school so the gym doesn’t quite meet the needs of our 6th thru 8th grade students. However, I do my best to make it work. I’m writing in the hopes that you value health and fitness. If you, your company, or anyone you know could help my situation, it would be greatly appreciated.

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