Tuesday, March 9, 2010

WEEK #25

K4 & K5 this week learned and practiced the skill of catching an object with another object. To make this possible, we used recycled milk jugs with the bottums cut out. We started class with a movement song called The Balancing Act.  Next we manipulated the milk jugs by doing various toss and catch tricks. We then finished class playing an activity called Try to Catch a Snowman.
1st grade this week started class with a warm-up game called Not Me. We then played Snowball Fight and Flyer Bowl where we had to practice the skill of sidearm throwing with foam frisbees.

3rd grade this week continued with their basketball unit without playing the actual game of basketball. This week we reviewed the skill of passing with an activity called Sharks. We then reviewed the skill of dribbling by doing activities called Bean Bag Dribble and Dribble Flag Tag.
5th grade's Five Levels of Fitness warm-up was called Deal or No Deal. We then finished class playing an activity called Scooterball Basketball.  We combined the skills of dribbling, passing, and shooting with an activity everyone can play.

6th grade finally finished their Five Levels of Fitness Unit with a TEST. Yes, there are tests in Physical Education class. The only part I dislike about the test is that it wastes a whole day of class to finish. We could have spent the day exercising!!!!!

7th/8th grade this week started their bowling unit. This week we went over the grip and the 3 step approach. We finished class playing High Frame.


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