Monday, March 15, 2010

WEEK #27

K5 & 1st grade this week learned how to use their body by using balloons. We started class playing Balloon Tag. Here we learned about sharing and helping others while learning how to move in general space. We then practiced our hand eye coordination by striking the balloon with many different body parts. To finish class we played  Balloon Tag again.
2nd grade this week used recycled milk jugs as baseball gloves. We practiced this skill of catching an object with an object. We started class with a cardiovascular activity called Mosquito tag. We then manipulated the milk jugs by catching yarn balls many different ways. We then ended class playing an activity called Flurry Ball.

3rd grade this week started learning how to use their body by learning some volleyball skills. This week we learned about serving. We learned about why you serve, and we then practiced how to do the underhand serve. To start class, we played Smoking Tag. Next, we went over serving and praticed the skill. We ended class playing a serving actvity called Serve Over.

5th grade begun class playing a cardiovascular activity called True & False. We then went over underhand rolling and finished class playing Berserk, a rolling activity where you roll various types of balls at bowling pins. It's an activity played on a basketball court where if you're inbounds then you're out of bounds. The kids love this game!!

6th grade continued their bowling unit. This week we continued to learn the 3 step approach while also learning about the arrows on a bowling lane. We then finished up our Bowling Bingo games from last week,  however this week we turned off the lights and had moonlight bowling.
7th/8th grade this week warmed-up with an activity called Red or Black. We then went over real bowling scoring. The students then continued practicing the 3 step approach while learning how to keep each other's bowling score.


Silvia said...

You obviously work very hard with these kids. Bravo.

Anonymous said...

I love the layout of your blog. It is easy to read, has lots of fun pictures, gives a quick overview what each PE class did, and how certain games are played. It is evident that you love teaching and have a passion for life long physical activity.