Monday, April 19, 2010

WEEK #28

K4 thru 2nd grade this week celebrated St. Patrick's Day by playing an activity called Pot-of-Gold!! K4 & K5 started class with a movement song called Singing In the Rain, while 1st & 2nd grade started class by playing a game called Don't Smoke Tag. All classes this week learned and practiced the skill of underhand throwing. Of course, each grade practiced the skill differently!!
3rd grade this week started class with Volleyball Fitness exercises!! We then went over the movement skill of setting with a volleyball. We then ended class playing Alphabet. The class played in 4 smalller games so more participation could occur.

4th grade this week started class with a five levels of fitness activity called Leprechaun Tag. We then went over the cues for the skills of throwing and rolling. We finished class playing Beserk.
5th grade's five levels of fitness was volleyball fitness. We then practiced the volleyball skill of serving and finished class with an activity named Bombs Away!!
6th grade started class with a muscular strength and endurance resistance band video. We then finished up our bowling unit with an activity called High Frame.

7th/8th grade this week started class with a warm-up activity called Tug of Balance. We then went over how to score in a real game of bowling. The 4-step approach was reviewed and we finished class bowling and keeping score. The other 7th & 8th grade class learned and practiced the skill of bumping and setting a volleyball and ended class playing Keep It Up!!!

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