Monday, April 19, 2010

WEEK #29

K5 this week reviewed their locomotor skills with an activity called High Five!! We reviewed skipping and galloping. We then talked about the skills of dodging, fleeing, and changing directions. We finished class with an activity called Dog Catcher!!!

1st grade this week learned and practiced the concept of Teamwork! We started class playing a cardiovascular activity called The Turkey Dance. We then did a movement activity called Transformers. We finished class with an activity named Partner Pick-up. Through out class we discussed what teamwork is and what it looks and sounds like!!!
2nd grade this week celebrated Easter by starting class with an activity called Egg Fitness. We then used bean bags and played Scrambled Eggs. To finish class we played a sharing game called Empty My Basket!!
3rd grade continued learning volleyball movement skills. We started class playing a cardiovascular activity called The Turkey Dance. We then went over the cues and practiced the forearm pass. To end class we played mini volleyball.

4th & 5th  grades' warm-up this week was volleyball fitness. We then went over the cues for setting and practiced it. We finished class playing the classic game called Alphabet.
6th grade this week played a body composition & cardiovascular endurance activity called Mosquito Tag. We then used the remainder of the class to play Battleball. Here we used a large cageball to get fit!!!

7th/8th grade's warm-up was a muscular strength & endurance activity called Partner Pick-up. We then reviewed the scoring rules for bowling and finished our games from last week. The other 7th/8th grade class warmed-up doing their volleyball fitness activities. We then reviewed and practiced the skill of serving. We practiced the underhand and overhand serve. We finished class playing Dead Fish where the students had to serve to stay alive!!

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