Wednesday, May 12, 2010

WEEK #30

K4 finally got the chance to do their Easter lesson. We have missed a lot of Fridays!! We started class exercising to the song called The Bean Bag Boogie! We then took plastic eggs and manipulated them by balancing, spinning, and using poly spots to pick them up. We ended class with a sharing game called Empty My Basket.

K5 & 1st grade this week learned, discussed, and practiced the concept of teamwork. We started class with a warm-up song called Give Me Ten. We then got some muscular strength and muscular endurance exercise using the Parachute. As a team, we made the parachute do some amazing things. We then ended class playing Sharks & Lifeguards!

2nd grade this week also learned about the concept of teamwork. We participated in activities called Turkey Dance, Transformers, and Partner Pick-Up. Throughout the lesson, we stopped to discuss what teamwork sounds like and looks like!!

3rd grade this week started their 1st day of their Team Building Unit. This week we went over the put down rule and started to discuss the word of the day. The word this week was communication. We started class with an activity called Get the Point. We then played Transformers and Partner Pick-Up.

4th grade classes this week had to combine classes because of a field trip. So, this week, we played a muscular strength & endurance warm-up called Dagger and finished class playing a Fairview favorite called Jail Bird.

5th grade started their 5 Levels of Fitness test using a software program called the Fitnessgram. This week we performed the pacer test which is a test that measures the students cardiovascular endurance. The class was split into two groups with one group going first and the other group keeping track. Then we switched roles.

6th grade started to learn an activity called Pickleball. We started class with a warm-up activity called Step Right Up. We then did some hand-eye coordination drills. We did tap up & tap downs. We then practiced the Pickleball serve with a game called In the Bucket!!

7th/8th grade also started their 5 Levels of Fitness testing using Fitnessgram. This week we did the pacer test (cardiovascular endurance). Here the classes did their best running back and forth to a cadence. The students seemed excited to see how their fitness scores will turn out.

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