Sunday, June 13, 2010

WEEK #35

K4 this week learned and practiced the concept of Teamwork. We started class with the Fitness Wheel. Here we used Uno cards and spun the fitness wheel to see what activity or execise we would have to do!!  Next we used the parachute to again reinforce the concept of teamwork!!! Together as a class, we tried to manipulate the parachute in many different ways!!
K5 this week started class with an activity called One Step Behind. We then participated in an activity called Cookie Monster. To finish class, we played Tresure Hunt. Here we used paper plates with numbers on them to help us find treasure!!!

1st grade also started class with an activity called One Step Behind. We then went over the skill of overhand throwing. We discussed the cues of throwing and what the word accuracy means. We then finished class playing an overhand throwing game called Scooter Pin Guard.
2nd grade went outside for the first time this spring. We started class with a cardiovascular endurance and chasing and fleeing activity called Dog Catcher. We then ended class playing a hand-eye coordination activity called Crazy Ball.

3rd grade began class with a tag game called Knee Tag. We then developed our hand-eye coordination with a physical activity game called Poppers. We ended class discussing and practicing the skill of underhand hitting and rolling with the game of Battleball.

6th grade this week had to combine classes because of a field trip. So, we decided that we would exercise by playing some activities that we played in 5th grade. We started class playing Knee Tag. We then decided to play Poppers. We concluded class by playing Satellite.

7th/8th grade continued with their soccer activities. This week we participated in an activity called Dagger. We practiced our physical skills of passing, trapping, kicking, and dribbling. We ended class playing Circle Dodge one day and Cone Soccer on the other.

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