Sunday, June 13, 2010

WEEK #36

K4 this week started class with the activity called One Step Behind. We then developed our cardiovascular system and our chasing and fleeing skills with an activity called Toilet Tag. To end class, we played an activity called Treasure Hunt. Here we used paper plates with numbers and pictures to collect treasure!!!

2nd grade started class by using the Fitness Wheel. Here Uno cards are selected and the Fitness Wheel is spun to see what game or activity the class is to play. We then discussed and practiced the skill of overhand throwing and what the word accuracy means. We then played Scooter Pin Guard to practice these concepts!!!
6th grade started glass with a muscular strength and muscular endurance activity called Sumo Wrestling (nothing like real sumo wrestling!!). We then finished class playing a kicking activity called Cone Kickball (nothing like real kickball-there are no bases!!!). It is a great activity for a big group!! Here we didn't just practice the skill of kicking but we also discusssed how to use our strengths to help our team.
7th/8th grade this week developed their cardiovascular endurance with a game called Knee Tag. We then developed our muscular strength and endurance with an activity called Sumo Wrestling (not real sumo wrestling!!). To end class, we participated in an activity named Battleball. Here all students got the opportunity to experience being a soccer goalie!!!


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