Saturday, April 9, 2011

WEEK #25

K4 and 1st grade this week started class with a classic cardiovascular endurance activity called Stuck In The Mud or a muscular strength and endurance activity named High Five!! Then for the rest of the class, we participated in relay races. But, these weren't your normal stand in a long line relay races. Instead, we had 10 lines with 3 students in each line. We also didn't race to see who was the fasted or who could be the winner. Instead, we had a contest to see how many different relay races we could do before class ended.
2nd grade started class playing an activity named Going For The Gold with Hula Hoops!! We then had the opportunity to manipulate the Hula Hoops in many different creative ways. We ended class playing Bumper Cars!!
During their personal fitness time, 4th and 5th grade performed Basketball Twists and BBall Shoot & Crawls!! We then praticed the skill of passing the ball. We finished up class putting all the movements skills of dribbling, passing, and shooting into an activity called Frenzy Shootout!!

7th/8th grade this week started preforming their fitness tests!!! This weed we did our cardiovascular endurance test called the Pacer Test. Every student will see whether their CV levels got better, stayed the same, or if they got worse!!

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