Saturday, April 9, 2011

WEEK #26

K4, K5, and 1st grade started class with a cardiovascular activity called Manners tag. We then manipulated balloons in various ways! We hit them with different body parts, we pretended to play different sports, and we did various challenges. We finished class playing Manner's Tag again!!

2nd grade this week began with a fitness activity called The Fitness Grid. Here the students rolled a dice to find out what levels of fitness they would have to perform. We then played an overhand throwing game named Smash The Turkey with beach balls!! A Fairview classic!!
3rd grade this week played It's In The Cards for their fitness warm-up!! Here a few deck of cards are used!! The card they get determines what exercise each student does. We then participated and ended class with a throwing & rolling activity named Pinball!
6th grade began their bowling unit this week! Much of the first day was used to learn how to set the bowling lanes up! Each student was also given a lane assignment!! We then played High Frame to learn how to rotate so that everyone got a turn, as well as, getting to learn each others lane assignment!!

7th/8th grade this week took their 5 levels of Fitness assessments On day one, we took the pacer test!! Then, on day two we did the sit-up, push-up, and sit & reach tests!!!


benji's appa said...

Where did the fitness grid activity come from? Looks good

Anonymous said...

Michael, I love the creativity you have added to your lessons. The students look motivated to learn and willing to try new things. I teach middle school PE and most of our units are geared to movement and fitness. It is nice to see other pe teachers working hard teaching students the importance of being physically fit.

Bachelor of Health and Movement (sport) said...

With this type of educational approach it gives a bigger opportunity for the children to learn more and love P.E. more.