Saturday, April 9, 2011

WEEK #27

K4,K5, & 1st this week started class with a movement song named Swimming or played Irish Jig Tag. We then went over and practiced the movement skills of throwing underhand and overhand!! To celebrate St. Patrick's Day, we then played Pot-Of-Gold!!
3rd grade this week began class with a new fitness activity called Confusion!!! We then continued learning the movement skills for the game of volleyball. This week, we continued to practice the skill of underhand serving!! We then played the game called Bombs Away!! This is a fantastic activity for kids learning to serve without actually playing volleyball!!

6th grade participated in the fitness activity called Confusion to begin class. We then reviewed the two-step approach for bowling! To end class, we continued to play last week's activity called High Frame!!

7th/8th started their Bowling Unit. Much of the first day was spent teaching the students how to set up the bowling lanes and learning their lane assignments. To finish class, we had a little bit of time to play a simple bowling game named High Frame!!! 


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I am delighted to see that people are in fact writing about this subject in such an elegant way, presenting us all diverse parts to it.

Fredrick said...

following the blog from the last 9th week.. and seriously miss those golden days when i too enjoyed the same things in my school :(

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Physical Education was my favorite subject when I was in grade school. I love sports even when I was still young. I remember winning the grand prize for Standing Long Jump competition in our school. That was fun.

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That surely fits for kids, but I doubt for young teenagers ages 10-16. But it's honestly nice.

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