Sunday, November 27, 2011

WEEK #10

K4 thru 2nd grade this week started class with a math integration/heart healthy activity called Number Scramble. We then exercised with Hula Hoops where we manipulated them many different ways. We then ended class playing a great muscular endurance activity called Bumper Cars!!!
3rd thru 5th grade this week started class with a muscular strength and endurance medicine ball warm-up. During our personal fitness time, we did Ball Slams, Roll & Go's, and Partner Stomach Crunches. We then used hockey sticks to play an activity called Try to Catch a Monkey. We learned and practiced movement strategies.
6th grade used resistance bands during their personal fitness time. As a class, we did a quick full body five levels of fitness warm-up. We began another striking unit, badminton. This week we learned and practiced badminton etiquette, the grip, some striking orientation drills, and the skill of serving. To end class, we played Reverse Dead Fish.

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Carlos Baeza ; Cristopher Orellana said...

I’m Carlos Baeza, student of Physical Education in University “Catolica del Maule”. I think your blog is interesting because the others in this page are important to me, because we work with these subjects. And I want to get better the way of bring the various contents either doing it more didactic or with a better interaction between teacher-student.
Also, the activities are very interactive and creative, so we could innovate in the activities with the students.
And about of the post that I drew more attention it was the number 10. One shortcoming is to appoint the integration of math in the physical activity unexplained it, cause is not a relation between them.
And the best point is the heart-healthy activities, cause this theme has relevance because problems facing today’s society, and these problems should be checked early.
Finally, I appreciate the space and dedication to these themes. See you soon.