Sunday, November 13, 2011


K4 thru 2nd this week learned that all you need is your body to make your muscles, bones, heart, and mind healthy. We started class with an activity called One Step Behind. We then played Go Touch and Beep, Beep, Times Up to practice some movement concepts. We then ended class with a heart healthy activity named Bippity, Boppity, Boo where we learned to move in general space.

3rd thru 5th grade started class with a cardiovascular activity called Clothes Pin. We then practiced and learned the movement skill of rolling, as well as, fire safety concepts by playing Fire Fighter. Throughout the activity, students were repeatedly reminded to step with the opposite foot and follow through as they rolled.

6th grade started class using the medicine balls. We learned the reason why we should do muscular strength and endurance exercises and then performed some medicine ball exercises. We started using hockey sticks in order to learn striking skills with long handled implements. We ended class with an activity called Monkey In The Middle, a great activity to learn striking skills.


Project Fit America said...

Nice work... we are certain your class is the highlight of the student's day. Good PE = kids really excited to go to school! Keep it up!!!

vicente said...

hi, my name is Vicente Zambrano. I’m studying physical education in a small city of Chile, called Talca. I think that your blog is very interesting because shows many activities and materials to work with children of different ages, allowing to take ideas to in the near future put them into practice.
I'm sure you enjoy your work, which is transmitted to your students, who also enjoy every one of your classes (nice pictures)
I think it’s a good idea expose your activities through the blog, and keep parents aware of the work of its children. I share your interest by involving them in the kids's educational process. Keep it up and…KEEP MOVING!!!

fisicos said...

good morning my name is ignacio jara wall. I congratulate you for the effort to create a good blog post I liked the ami of the week 7 I found it very creative, besides motivating for children with no more to add and to reiterate my congratulations dismissal me hopefully continue to improve your blog every day more