Sunday, November 27, 2011


K4 thru 1st grade this week started class with a muscle song called Give Me Ten. We learned the 3 main jobs of our muscles!! They are too move our body, protect our bones, and help us lift, carry, and move things. We went over the cues of overhand throwing and spent some time practicing our new skill. We finished class playing Clean Up Your Backyard so we could reinforce what we just learned.

2nd thru 5th grade started class reviewing the five levels of fitness using the Step Right Up Card and/or Pass It Down Cards!! We then went over the cues for catching and practiced by playing an activity called Concentration Catch. To end class, we played a game called Island Ball, a great game to learn the skill of overhand throwing indoors!!
6th grade began class reviewing the 5 levels of fitness by using the Pass It Down cards. This activity is a great way to assess the students on their understanding of the 5 levels of fitness!! We then learned and went over some movement concepts so that we could begin to playing indoor 3 Goal Sideline Hockey.

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