Monday, January 14, 2013

WEEK #11

K4 thru 1st grade started class with a cardiovascular activity named Number Scrabble. It is a great moving in space activity that teaches movement awareness along with math concepts. We then got out the hula hoops and did some hula hoop tricks. We finished class playing Bumper Cars. It is a game where the students learn to play fair, take turns, and handle the concept of losing.
2nd grade this week started class with a great 5 levels of fitness activity called Wipe out. The game is played to the song Wipe out by the Safaris!! We reviewed the cues of the skill of catching and played Island Ball one more week to get more practice in that skill.

3rd thru 8th again continued to participate in their fitness testing. This week we discussed the WHY? we need to be flexible and WHY? stretching is important to overall health. We exercised to a game called Chaos first so that we could get our muscles warmed up for our flexibility test. To end class, we got out the sit and reach boxes and performed our flexibility test.

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Bonnie said...

You wrote me last year - and somehow, I missed your question about using my blog. You can ReBlog or you can copy and paste some content, and then add a link to my blog. As long as you give me credit and share a link to my original blog, you can share as much as you want. I just finished up 30 days of motivation with daily mantras – they may be fun to share Hope you have a great 2013!!