Thursday, January 10, 2013


K4 thru 2nd grade this week reviewed and practiced the skill of throwing overhand, as well as, talked about playing fair. We started class with the game called Fire and Ice to improve our cardiovascular systems and open space movement skills. We then had some throwing practice time where I observed and made corrections where necessary. To end class, we played the classic game called Clean Up Your Backyard where we practiced playing fair and along with throwing overhand.
3rd thru 8th grade this week started their fitness testing. Before we started the Pacer Test we discussed the reasons WHY? we're doing it. I also made sure to remind the students that they were not being graded on how many pacer laps they did but on how much effort they gave during the test. My student were nervous to see how many they could get and if they were going to be in the fitness zone. EVERY CLASS DID A WONDERFUL JOB!!!!!!


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