Thursday, January 15, 2009

WEEK #17

K4 & K5 learned and praticed the difference between activities where you use your body to strike an object (ex. volleyball, soccer, and basketball) and an object to strike an object (ex. baseball, golf, tennis, hockey). This week we used plastic candy canes and pretended to use them as hockey sticks. We practiced striking and dribbling deck rings. We hit them hard, soft, forward, backward, sideways, close, and far. At the end of class, we played full class hockey tag. What a blast!

1st and 2nd grade students this week got their personal fitness in by participating in a game called Knockout. They also practiced the movement skills of dodging , fleeing, and moving in general space in an activity called Cookie Monster (with noodle chips).

3rd thru 6th grade got in their personal fitness with either the use of Power Walk Resistance Bands or with Team Workout Cards!!!! The skills developed and worked on were overhand throwing, catching, and rolling. The activities we used to practice these skills were called Sink the Ship and Partner Snowball Fight.

7/8th grade finished their last week of the games unit. For their personal fitness part of class, they used the Power Walk Resistance Bands (with video). We finished class developing the physical skills of kicking, throwing, rolling, and catching with activities called Battleship and Cone Kickball (Nothing like your typical kickball game)!!!!

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