Saturday, January 31, 2009

WEEK #20

K4 & K 5 this week continued getting ready for Jump Rope for Heart. We practiced the basic jump rope technique, as well as, manipulating the jump rope by making shapes and numbers with the jump rope. We then finished class playing a game called Leap the River.
1st & 2nd grade this week started to learn some basic jump rope tricks. These tricks included one foot jumping, the ski, the bell, straddle, and the scissors. We ended the class playing some classic long rope activities called Water Wave, Cat & Mouse, Around the World, Tic Toc, Snake in the Grass, High Fence & Low Fence, and Around the World.
3rd & 5th grade continued learning and practicing the skill of dribbling a basketball. This week we practiced dribbling while doing some activities with bean bags. We did this to learn how to dribble while keeping our head up and to dribble with our finger pads. We ended class playing a game called Dribble Flag Tag.
6th grade this week learned about the 4th level of fitness called flexibility. We talked about why it is important and the difference between stretching to prevent injury and stretching to increase our flexibility. We ended class playing a game called Scooter Basketball.

7th & 8th has started a new quarter. So, the first day of class we participated in some cooperative activities called Find My People, Leaning Tower of Noodle, and Noodle Pull. The second day we began our fitness unit where we discussed cardiovascular endurance. We learned the meaning, the benefits, and some examples of it. We then participated in a cardiovascular endurance station course.


Wm Chamberlain said...

Jump Rope for the Heart is a great activity. Not only does the charity benefit, but so do your students.

Sorry I haven't commented lately. I still think your blog is great.

Mr. C

Anonymous said...

Great pictures!

Deb Koch