Saturday, January 31, 2009

WEEK #19

K5 this week was introduced to jump roping. The basics were taught. We went over how to hold the handles and broke down the skills. We first praticed jumping with activities called Circle and Straight Line. We emphasized bouncing on our toes (like a ball) and not jumping too high. We then practiced turning the rope. Last we put both skills together and counted out loud 1, 2, 3 turn first and jump second!!!!! We started and finished class with a jump rope activity called Tail Tag!!

1st and 2nd grade this week continued to practice the basic jump roping with the addition of some basic jump rope tricks. We practiced one foot jumping and turning the rope backwards. We manipulated the jump ropes where I would ask them questions like what is the third letter in your first name , what is the fourth letter of the alphabet, and some basic math problems like 3+3=, and 5-2=. The students would then show me the answer by using their jump rope or the jump rope and their bodies.
3rd and 5th grade this week also continued to practice for Jump Rope for Heart. We tried the tricks called the Bell, the Ski, the Straddle, and the Straddle Cross. 3rd grade then began their basketball unit by learning ball handling activities called slaps, funnels, pops, drop down , and switch ups. 5th grade practiced the skill of static and dynamic dribbling. They then finished up class with an activity called Knockout.

6th grade this week discusssed the 2nd and 3rd level of fitness. This is muscular endurance and muscular strength. We discussed the definitions, the benefits, and some of the examples of the things you could do to enhance these components. We then participated in a station course where they experienced these components.

7th/8th grade finished up with bowling where we learned how to score and reviewed the four step approach. We included our fitness with the activity called Musical Fitness.

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