Thursday, January 15, 2009

WEEK #18

1st and 3rd grade this week started class with an activity called Bug Off, a great cardiovascular activity!! We started getting ready for Jump Rope for Heart. We discussed the reasons why Fairview School participates in this great activity every year. This week we learned how to select the right size jump rope, as well as, the basics of jumping rope. At the end of class, we played a class game called Tail Tag or Mouse Trap!!!!

5th grade this week started their Jump Rope for Heart and Basketball Unit! As a class, we just went over the basics of jump roping and eased our way into getting ready for this very demanding cardiovascular activity. We also discussed why and how to prevent Heart Disease!! During the second half of class, we started our Basketball Unit. We went over the 4 basic skills of basketball and practiced the skill of ball handling.

6th grade started their fitness unit this week. For the next four weeks, we will discuss and participate in the the five levels of fitness. This week we went over the first level of fitness, Cardiovascular Endurance!!! We finished class exercising in a cardiovascular station course. Students participated in stations which included Dance Dance Revolution, Stationary Bikes, Jump Roping, Basketball Shooting, and Steppers.
7/8 grade started their Bowling Unit this week. We went over the grip, pendulum swing, full swing , and the one step approach!! For fitness,we did Musical Fitness where all Five Levels of Fitness were performed.


Savannah Heigl 6th grade RM 35 said...

Well, Well, Well!!!! This was a fun 6th grade unit!!!!! I had soooooo much fun!!! I had fun doing DDR too!!!

jose and wendy said...

Me and Wendy wish we could play bowling because it is fun.

cruz&edna said...

That is cool having bowling because our school does not have bowling equipment pules bowling is cool.

Emily said...

DDR ROX!! i play it at home allllllll the time itz AMAZING!!!
Emily : )

KYLE M said...

Man tht picture of me mind shot brings back good memories