Wednesday, May 12, 2010

WEEK #31

K4 this week warmed-up to an activity called I see...You See... We then practiced moving in general space with a game called Charlie Wants a Home!!! We then ended class with an Environmental Awarness activity called Recycle and Reuse!!

K5 this week started class playing Uno Fitness. We then used mini kickballs and learned the difference between dribbling and bouncing. I then had the students dribble and bounce these mini kickballs in different ways. We finished class with a group game called Stuck In the Mud.

1st grade this week also started class with the activity called Uno Fitness. We played the theme song to Star Wars and played a noodle game called Star Wars.  To end class, we learned and practiced the skill of rolling and played a fun movement game called Hospital.

3rd grade conitnued their Team Building Unit. We started class with a fitness game called Bumper Cars. We then discussed the team building word of the day and played Musical Hoops (nothing like musical chairs). To end class, we participated in an activity called Loop the Loop.
4th grade had a games day due to over half the students attending the muscial festival practice. So, the students that stayed behind got to play some of their favorite games from the school year. We played Chaos and Satellites.
5th grade this week continued with their Fitness Testing (Fitnessgram). This week we did the Push-up test for Muscular Strength and Curl-ups for Muscular Endurance.

7/8 grade group A and Group B finished up doing their fitness testing. Both classes either did the Curl-Up test (Muscular Endurance), Push-Up test ( Muscular Strength), or the Sit & Reach test (Flexibility)

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nectem said...

Dear Michael Beringer, we are first degree students of Physical Education of the UNIVERSIDAD CATOLICA DEL MAULE, and we write you to congratulate you and tell you that your warm-up methods were very stimulants for us, and the way of your interaction by games with your students, is really impressive.
The truth above this: your work is hard to carry out due to implement different warm-ups in each class is a dare, and each Physical Education teacher should have your behavior with their students.
Thanks to afford your ideas with other people like us, and congratulations for your excellent work as teacher.
Kind regards from Talca, Chile.