Monday, May 17, 2010

WEEK #33

K5 this week celebrated Environmental day by exercising with plastic bags!!! We discussed what recycling and reusing means. We then used the pastic bags and manipulated them in various ways. We made parachutes, rockets, and practiced movement skills. We then ended class playing Bag Flag Tag!!
1st grade this week began class with a cardiovascular warm-up called Kickdown and Carry Back. We then practiced the skills of dribbling and kicking with our feet. To end class we played an activity called The Fox & The Hound!!

3rd grade this week practiced various footwork drills to warm-up. We learned and practiced dribbling, trapping, and passing with our feet. We also discussed why these skills are important. We then ended class playing a game called Poison Ball.

5th grade this week had to combine classes because of the music festival. So, the classes had the opportunity to play games they played earlier in the year. We played One Step Behind to warm-up. The class then played Stars Wars to the actual theme song and then finished class playing Satellites.

6th, 7th, & 8th grade this week started their soocer unit. Even though I call it a soccer unit, we don't ever play the actual game of soccer. This unit really is all about developing foot skills. We use our feet in almost every physical sport or activity we play!! This week we started class using the Walking Powerbands. We exercised using all of the 5 levels of fitness by watching a video that lead us through various exercises. We then practiced some of the basic ball handling skills of dribbling, trapping, and passing. To end class, we played a circle game called Battleball.

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