Wednesday, May 12, 2010

WEEK #32

K5 this week participated in a warm-up activity called Uno Fitness. We then exercised using mini dome cones. I had the students flip, spin, roll, balance, and catch them. We ended class playing an activity called Builders and Bull Dozers.

1st and 2nd grade this week warmed-up with an activity named One Step Behind. We then played a noodle game called Star Wars. To end class, we participated in a game called Recycle and Reuse to get ready for Environmental Day which is this Friday!!!
3rd grade is finishing up their Team Building Unit this week. The word of the day was Sportsmanship. We discussed what sportsmanship looks like and sounds like. To practice this, we played Builders & Bull Dozers and Satellite. We kept score to declare a winner and a loser. We then discussed how it feels when one team wins and the other team loses.

4th grade got the opportunity to play a warm-up activity called Chaos. We then finished class with an exercise activity called Satellite. In this game, we took six hula hoops and built a sphere. Each team gets enough hula hoops to make 3 spheres each. The first team to knock them all down wins. The students had a blast playing this game. They got a great cardiovascular and muscular endurance workout while practicing their skill related fitness and physical skills.

5th grade this week finished up their fitness testing (Fitnessgram). This week they did the Sit & Reach test (Flexibility). With the little time we had at the end of class, we played a low organized game called Chaos.

6th grade started class using dumbbells for a great muscular strength and endurance workout. We then continued with our Pickleball unit. This week we reviewed our serving skills, as well as, started to incorporate some rallying practice. We finished class playing 2-on-2 Knockout.
7/8 grade this week got to participate in some games that they played when they were in elementary school since two thirds of the class was gone because of the Washington D.C. trip. Each class got to decide which games they wanted to play. Both classes decided to play Chaos and Satellite. They had a blast!

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