Sunday, October 3, 2010


K4 this week started class with a warm-up activity called Be My Shadow. We then learned what balance means and why we need it. We also performed many different types of balances. To end class, we played a game called Beat the Teacher. This was used to get the K4 students used to finding a piece of tape quickly!!

K5 this week started class with a game called Body Parts. We then manipulated bean bags in many different ways. To end class, we played Hot Foot! Here we practiced and learned the skill of underhand throwing by sliding the bean bags at each others feet. The students had a blast with this activity!!!

1st grade started class by doing a literacy activity called Secret Exercises. We reviewed some of the class expectations and played the game called Everyone's It Tag.

2nd grade's warm-up game for the week was an activity called Scat Cat (CV). We then practiced getting into groups quickly with a game named Body Parts. To finish class, we participated in a movement game called Mosquito Tag!

3rd grade this week started class with an activity named Quick Hands. We then started to learn the five levles of fitness. This week we started with cardiovascular endurance. We reinforced this concept with Exercise Task Cards. We then did some community building games called Rock, Paper, Scissors and Bear, Moquito, and Salmon Football.

6th & 7/8 grade this week started class with a cardiovascular endurance activity called Human Rock, Paper, Scissors. We began our first official class with a community building activity called Mine Field.

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