Sunday, October 3, 2010

WEEK # 5

K4 this week learned about self space and general space!! We stated class with the game called I see...You see... We then manipulated deck rings and played Soccer Tag to learn the self space and general space concepts!!
K5 this week started class with a movement song called Singing in the Rain. We them played I See... You See.. To finish class we manipulated yarn balls and played a Fairview classic game named Monster Tag.

1st grade this week reviewed the reason why we come to Physical Education class. We then did a cardiovascular endurance warm-up called Scat Cat. We then learned how to get into groups quickly with Body Parts. To end class, we played Mosquito Tag.

2nd grade got their assigned seats this week. They also learned about the difference between an exercise and a stretch. To reinforce this, we did a warm-up activity called Step Right Up. We then finished class learning the skill of underhand rolling with the game called Jailbird.

3rd & 4th grades this week are continuing to learn the five levels of fitness!  We started class with a cardiovascular activity named Musical Fitness. We then did a community building activity called Tarps. Here students were given group challenges on how they should manipulate their tarps.
5th grade is starting to get ready for their field trip to Potter's Forest. However, first we got our fitness in. We either played Dagger or Sumo Wrestling to get our muscular strength and endurance in for the day. We then went over the Ropes Course Contract and finished class with our first Team Building Challenge called Line-up.

6th grade this week started their throwing and catching unit. We started class learning and experiencing some muscular strength and endurance games. The games were called Dagger and Sumo Wrestling. We then went over the basic concepts of throwing and catching and went outside to participate in some throwing and catching drills.
7th/8th grade this week continued to get ready for their fitness testing with several different fitness activities. We played Musical Fitness, Dagger, and Sumo Wrestling (not real sumo wrestling). We then finished class playing Pass and Go, a throwing and catching lead-up game.


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