Sunday, October 3, 2010


K4 this week had to go outside for gym!! The gym was taken away for voting. We started class with the game called Body Parts. We then manipulated bean bags in many different ways! To finish class we played a helping game called Freeze.
K5 this week began class with a movement game called I See...You See... We then manipulated Deck Rings. We rolled, spun, bounced, caught, etc. We finished class playing a kicking activity called Soccer Tag.
1st grade went outside this week because of voting in the gym. For (CV) warm-up, we did an activity named Carry Down Carry Back. We then learned and practiced the foot skills of dribbling and kicking. We did this with games called Bridge Trap and The Fox & The Hound!!
3rd grade this week started to learn about the five levels of fitness!!! Today we talked about cardiovascular endurance. We played Clothes Pin Tag to reinforce the concept. We then did some community building activities with foam noodles called The Leaning Tower of Noodle & Tug a Noodle! To finish class we played Mosquito Tag to review what cardiovascular endurance means.
4th and 5th grade started to learn about the five levels of fitness. We talked about cardiovascular endurance and played an activity called Human Rock, Paper, Scissors!! We then participated in a community building activity called Mine Field.

7th/8th grade this week started their modified flag football unit. We started class with a fitness activity called Musical Fitness. Next we went over the basic skills cues for throwing and catching a football. We then headed outside for some throwing and catching drills. Some of the drills that we did were run, expand, hike and go, hike and go go.

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