Sunday, October 3, 2010


K4 this week started class with a movement song called Singing In the Rain. Then we reviewed I See... You See... Next we played with yarn balls and manipulated them many different ways. Our main skill focus was our catching skills. To end class, we played a Fairview Classic game called Monster Tag.

K5 this week got the opportunity to play Monster Tag one more time. We then played Stop, Drop, and Roll Tag. Here the students learned what to do if on fire or in a smoke filled room. We all then got an opportunity to be fire, smoke, or fire fighters.

1st & 2nd grade this week got the opportunity to play games and activities that require no toys or equipment. We learned that to exercise all you really need is your body. So, we started class playing I see...You see... Next we played Go Touch and Beep Beep Times Up. To end class, we played Bippity Boppity Boo.
3rd grade this week learned about the skeletal system. We discussed the primary job of our skeletal system and the many ways you can take care of it. The rest of class was used to play the activity called The Skeletal Relay or (Archaeologists/ Paleontologists).

4th grade is getting ready for their fitness test, so this week we played nothing but fitness activities. We participated in Dagger, Sumo Wrestling, and finished class with a cardiovascular endurance activity called Sharks and Minnows with flag football belts.

5th grade is continuing to get ready for the their Potter's Forest field trip. This week we worked on the team building skill of communication. We learned that there is verbal and non-verbal communication. Our team building activity for the week was an activity called Maze. Here the students had to help each other get through a building they have never been in before.
6th grade played Musical Fitness (cardiovascular endurance) to get ready for their fitness test. We then played Pass and go where the students learned to use their throwing and catching skills in a game like situation.
7th/8th grade this week also is continuing to get ready for the Fitnessgram Fitness Test.  We played Sharks and Minnows (CV), Dagger (MS/ME), and Sumo Wrestling (MS/ME). At the same time, we are also beginning to finish up our Mini Flag Football Unit by playing Pass and Go with football flags.

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