Sunday, January 1, 2012

WEEK #15

K4 & K5 started class using Uno Cards to play a spin wheel game called Uno Fitness! We discussed what fitness means and why it's important for our bodies and mind. We then used plastic bags and manipulated them in many different ways. We used them to develop movement skills as well as creative movement development. We ended class playing an activity called Bag Flag Tag.
2nd grade this week started class using Uno Cards to play an activity called Uno Fitness. We then reviewed why fitness is important for the body and mind. We then used swimming noodles and played Leaning Tower of Noodles, Jump The Noodle, and Noodle Juggle. We ended class playing a quick CV activity called Mosquito Tag.
3rd thru 5th grade began class playing an activity called Energy In and Energy Out where we discussed what calories are and how they affect weight management. We then finished class with an activity called Battleship. This game was used to reinforce movement concepts and strategy.

7th and 8th grade this week played Sumo Wrestling and Dagger. They also used medicine balls to develop their muscular strength and endurance. We then continued to discuss NASPE Standard #5 and played Satelites to develop those characteristics.

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