Sunday, January 1, 2012

WEEK #14

K4 started class with a CV song called The Jumping Jack Song. We then used plastic candy canes to practice the skill of striking. We used deck rings to learn striking and dribbling skills. We finished class playing a striking activity named Got Cha!!

K5 thru 2nd grade began class with a CV activity called Toilet Tag. The cues of bouncing and dribbling were dicussed and reviewed. We then took mini red balls to practice these skills. To finish class, we played a game called Whack A Mole!!!
3rd & 4th grade played The Turkey Dance for their fitness time. This game helps us develop our muscular strength and endurance. We then played Battleship where we discussed, practiced, and learned about movement concepts and strategies!!
7th & 8th grade finally will have Physical Education. This week started the beginning of PE for the 2nd Trimester. This week we went over grading and the class expectations. We also went over PE Standard 5: Exhibits responsible personal and social behavior that respects self and others in physical activity settings and what it means and looks like. We then played Battleship to practice this standard.


Nick Moskaluk said...

I am recently hired phys.ed and I teach K-6, I have been looking through your blog and I m really liking what I m seeing with your blog. I really liked the uno fitness I have a fitness unit on going and I use fit deck cards. I m really looking for some different ways to evaluate the young kids K-2 for the various units. Any advice for the div 1 kids for assessment would be great thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I am a student of physical education and I was reading your blog and I believe that it is very interesting and it will serve me very much in my formation as teacher, this post was called me very much the attention for the different ways of realizing a class entertained for the students of the different levels, without leaving of side the important thing that is his motive development and individual skills. I congratulate it on your good work, a greeting from Chile