Saturday, January 21, 2012

WEEK #17

K4 & K5 started class with a fitness warm-up called Same & Different. We then played Fitness Tag where we reviewed the primary job of our muscles. They protect our body, move our body, and help us lift, pull, and carry things. To end class, we participated is some creative relay races. Here the students learned how to take turns, have good sportsmanship, and to enjoy moving our bodies.
1st & 2nd grade started class with Fitness Puzzles. Here the students had the opportunity to work as a team to put together 5 levels of fitness exercise puzzles. We then finished class with an activity named Cookie Monster. This activity allowed the students to practice and develop their spatial awareness skills.

3rd through 5th grade this week had the opportunity to finish their 5 levels of fitness Fitnessgram tests. Either the Curl-up or Pacer test was performed.  We then finished class playing either Battle Ball or Chaos. One was a muscular strength/endurance activity and the other was a cardiovascular activity.

7th/8th grade started class getting ready for their Fitnessgram tests with Medicine Ball Fitness. We then discussed and reviewed the NASPE standard of sportsmanship and then played Satellite to demonstrate this.   

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Derek Carroll said...

I enjoy the way that you put in a variety of activities into each grade level. Its very interesting to see the way you tie all of the content that you are required to present to the students, as well the fitness test while keeping class fun and interesting. I am interested in pursuing a job in the field of physical education and the way you break down your lessons each week are both helpful and inspiring to me.