Sunday, January 1, 2012

WEEK #13

K4 & K5 started class with a heart healthy song called The Jumping Jack. We then used plastic candy canes to practice the concept of striking an object with another object. We had to use our imagination and we pretended to be hockey players. We learned and practiced dribbling stationary, as well as, dynamic. We also got the chance to see how far we could make our deck rings go by striking them safely!! The class ended by playing a pretend game of Driving to Grandma's House for the Holidays.
1st & 2nd grade participated in a cardiovascular activity called Knockout! We then got the opportunity to use big boy hockey sticks to practice the skill of striking. We learned the proper grip, the skill of dribbling (static and dynamic), and actual striking. We did all of this with gator balls. To finish class, we played a game called The Fox & The Hound!!
3rd thru 5th grade began class playing a fitness game called Same & Different. We then participated in an activity called Battleship where we focused on the concepts of offense and defense.

6th grade was very, very sad. This was their last week of Physical Education for the rest of the year. What a shame!! Healthy students learn better. How are we going to raise the next generation to be life long movers if they can't have physical activity in school for the whole year!! Anyway, this week we started class with the fitness game named Energy In & Energy. This game uses the concept of energy balance!! To finish class, we played the real game of Badminton.

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