Sunday, February 27, 2011

WEEK #21

K4, K5 , and 1st grade is finally ready for JRFH. So, this week, we reviewed the cues and practiced the basic jump rope skill. We then manipulated the jump ropes by making letters from the alphabet. To finish class, we participated in some more long rope games.
2nd grade began class playing a Five Levels of Fitness board game called Fitnopoly. Since we are still getting ready for JRFH, we also added jump ropes to the game. After the board game, we played the game called Knock Over Frosty!! It is a great activity to help students learn how to roll and throw underhand, overhand, and sidearm.
3rd grade this week started to learn and practice some partner jump rope tricks for JRFH. We went over Front-to-Front, Side-to-Side, and Move Over. We then practiced and learned the skill of dribbling. We went over the basic cues of dribbling and I had the students do a couple of activities called Copy Me and Dynamic Dribbling. We finished class playing a classic dribbling game called Knockout.
6th grade started class participating in a Badminton skill review warm-up. We reviewed the 4 main skills of Badminton. We then got to finally spend majority of the class time playing basic Badminton. We played with basic rules and small sided games rotating every point.

7th/8th grade this week started a new quarter. We are now in 3rd quarter. So, this week we went over class procedures and participated in some community building activities called My neighbor and Guess What.

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