Sunday, February 27, 2011

WEEK #20

K4, K5, and 1st grade continued to get ready for JRFH this week!!! We started class reviewing the basic cues and then we practiced jump roping. Next, we manipulated the jump ropes by making shapes and numbers, as well as, math problems with the ropes. To end class, we played a gamed called Leap The River.

2nd grade also continued preparing for JRFH!! We began class by going over the basic cues of jumping rope. We then went over some basic jump rope tricks. These included the bell, ski, straddle, scissor, and one foot jumping. We finished class participating in some long rope games. These included Snake In The Grass, High Fence Low Fence, Tic Toc, Water Wave, Cat & Mouse, and Around The World.
3rd grade started class learning and practicing some jump rope trick including the Bell, Ski, Straddle, Scissors, and Scissor Cross. The class then went over the gross motor skills of rolling and overhand throwing. We played Battleship to practice and reinforce these skills.

6th grade played Dead Bug Tag to get their Muscular Strength and Endurance warm-up out of the way. We then continued learning how to use our bodies by learning more Badminton skills. We went over the ups, overhead clears, and the smash. We then played real Badminton for the first time.
7th/8th grade did some more Volleyball fitness exercises for their personal fitness time. We did VB Twists, VB Over and Unders, and ended with VB sit-ups. The rest of the class time was spent playing small sided Volleyball games!!

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