Thursday, February 3, 2011

WEEK #19

K4, K5, 1st. and 2nd grade all started to get ready for Jump Rope For Heart!!! We started class with a quick cardiovascular activity called Tail Tag (2nd grade played Dead Bug Tag)!! We then stopped and discussed why Fairview School participates in JRFH!!  We then manipulated the jump ropes into hair, pony tails, earrings, elephant noses, and even made the letters of the alphabet. Next we practiced jumping without the rope, then practiced turning, and then we put it together and tried jumping on our own. To end class, we played another round of Tail Tag!!
3rd, 4th, & 5th grade this week also got ready for JRFH! We began class by learning how to measure a jump rope so that we have the right size for jumping. I then had the students jump on their own in their own self space. We then discussed why Fairview participates in JRFH. After that, we discusses some simple jumping techniques and practiced some more. We finished class playing a dodging and fleeing game called Pirates!! Here students tried to collect as many chips as they could and then received points depending on the words they could spell!!!
6th grade started class with the cardiovascular activity of jump roping. We reviewed and practiced the skill of serving for Badminton. The next skill we practiced was called the overhead clears. To end class, we participated in an activity called 2-on-2 Knockout!!!
7th/8th grade this week began class with some cardiovascular jump roping. I then had them review and practice the skills of  under and overhand volleyball serving. We then went over the skills of setting and bumping and had a chance to practice them. We ended class playing Keep It Up!!


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