Thursday, February 3, 2011

WEEK #18

1st & 2nd grade this week started class with a cardiovascular endurance activity called Knockout!!! We then finished class playing a dodging and fleeing game named Cookie Monster!! We also discussed what offense, defense, and strategy means!!
4th & 5th grade this week began class with a muscular strength & endurance warm-up by exercising with real dumb bells. We learned various muscles and what exercises actually make them more fit!! We then practiced the skills of rolling, throwing, and catching in an activity called Battleship.
6th grade this week also used dumb bells to improve their muscular strength & endurance!! We learned the names of certain muscles and exercises to make them more fit!! We then started our first day of Badminton. We started with some simple racket and birdie drills. We did ups and super ups to improve our hand-eye coordination. We then practiced and tried the skill of serving. We finished class playing Reverse Dead Fish!!
7th/8th grade's warm-up this week started with dumb bells. We learned various muscles and what exercises help them to get more fit. We then started our Volleyball unit. This week we started with the under and overhand serve. We also talked about why the serve is so important. We finished class playing Dead Fish!! 

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